Media Services

Services Offered

  • Technician Support for On-Campus Events
  • Audio-Visual Equipment Loans and Setups
  • Video Duplication

Services Not Offered

  • Loaning of equipment for personal use/events.

Media Streaming

Service Times

  • Audio/Visual equipment checkout: 4 Business Hours
  • Audio/Visual setup: 1 Business Day
  • Recording of special campus events: 2 Business Days
  • Media streaming: 2 Business Days
  • Video duplication and editing: 5 Business Days

Additional Information

IT makes every effort to accommodate requests for media services, however, there may be times when a technician or the equipment many not be available. IT recommends that you give as much advanced notice as possible. As soon as you know media services are needed contact the IT Help Desk immediately.

Requests for support outside of normal business hours must be made at least two weeks in advance and are subject to approval and technician availability.

If the request impacts the strategic priority or business critical function of the University, then the request should be escalated following the Escalation Resolution procedure and Issue Classification model.

Users must review and sign a “loan agreement” prior to receipt of portable equipment. Returns of Media Services equipment must be made on time, as others may depend on availability of the equipment in question.