Password Recovery Tool

Employees and students will have the ability to reset their own password on their accounts (e.g., email, Banner 9, Blackboard Learn, Campus Lab) by setting up the new password recovery tool. Employees or students who do not set up the password recovery tool will not be able reset their ONE LOGIN password without the assistance of the IT Helpdesk.

CAUTION. When setting up your password recovery tool, use the utmost discretion.  Be careful that you are not observed typing in your password or authentication data.  Never leave your workstation unlocked while you are logged into your account.  Close the browser completely once you are finished.

Instructions for setting up the password recovery tool.

  1. Enable the password recovery tool.
  2. Log in with your username and password on a computer or mobile device.
  3. At the ‘More information required’, click Next.

more information required

  1. At the don’t lose access to your account! screen, select two methods of identity verification (phone, non-KSU email, or security questions).

Register for password recovery

  1. If you chose to authenticate by phone, click Set it up now next to the Authenticate Phone option.
  2. Enter your phone number then click text me or call me.
  3. Enter the validation code you receive.

phone setup

  1. If you chose to authenticate by email, click Set it up now next to the Authenticate Email option.
  2. Enter a non-KSU email then click email me.
  3. Enter the validation code you receive.

email setup

  1. If you selected to authenticate by security questions, click Set them up now next to the Security Questions option.
  2. Select five security questions from the dropdown boxes and provide answers.
  3. When complete, click save answers.

security question setup

  1. Click finish.
  2. Click on the click here link to log in.

You may change or review your password reset information at any time by clicking here.


Enroll for the Password
Recovery Tool


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