The Office of Residence and Student Life

The Office of Residence and Student Life Staff:

Ms. Monesca Smith – Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Residence and Student Life
TBA – Assistant Director for Student Activities
Ms. Kati Yates – Administrative Assistant for Student Activities
TBA – Residence Life Coordinator
Mr. Darrion Culler – Graduate Hall Director
Ms. Zhengyu “Ivy” Chen – Graduate Hall Director
Mr. Pete Mayberry – Graduate Hall Director
TBA – Administrative Assistant for the Office of Residence and Student Life

Mission Statement:
The Office of Residence and Student Life at Kentucky State University mission is to promote a learning environment conducive to engaging and empowering our students to grow and develop to their fullest potential. With the assistance of other departments, we are committed to providing our students with a holistic collegiate experience that will ensure academic success.

Vision Statement:
The Office of Residence and Student Life at Kentucky State University will provide a new living and learning opportunity for all Kentucky State University students with an emphasis on first and second year students. This will be accomplished through targeted specific programming, student led community leadership, connections to faculty, and a comprehensive student activities calendar.

Goals for the Office of Residence and Student Life:

  1. Student Programming: The purpose of the newly designed programming model is to disseminate knowledge through education and outreach by means of a specifically tailored programming model. (Programming model discussed at length below).
  2. Clubs and Organizations: Student Clubs & Organizations are groups formed to implement specific goals or outcomes for the student body. The student organization serves as a resource for leadership development, networking, and student support.
  3. Faculty & Staff Involvement: To encourage each faculty/staff member to create an event or program to allow for academic enrichment and engagement outside of the classroom with all students. These programs can include meet and greets in the Residence Halls, off campus community service, and other extracurricular activities that will help students engaged with faculty and staff.

Student Programming

All programming, either through RAs, student organizations, or the Office of Residence and Student Life will facilitate programs in accordance to the Persistence Programming Model. This model was developed based on the department’s mission statement. At the heart of the proposed Persistence Programming Model are two basic premises. (1) Student development is multifaceted, dimensional and simultaneous. (2) Development and growth occur over time. Having said this, our primary objective is to engage students through programming initiatives and activities in the seven “experiences” we feel are unique to first and second year students and Kentucky State University population. Engagement in these areas will serve to foster the development of our students as they go through the stages, transitions, and transformations in their lives. The following are the Office of Residence and Student Life proposed programming core values: Career Advancement, Service Learning, Collaboration, Diversity, Respect, Integrity, and Leadership. See diagram below for additional information.