Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded TRIO program that provides support to participants whose goals are to receive a college degree.

It is comprised of both a rigorous academic and summer component. Students must be low income and/or first generation. The program also accepts ninth graders at risk for academic failure. Our mission is to motivate, assist, and promote qualified high school students to pursue a four year college degree by building their academic skills and social development through exposure to a variety of career, cultural, academic, and social experiences. The program serves fifty-six students at the following three high schools in Frankfort, Kentucky:

  • Western Hills
  • Franklin County High
  • Frankfort High.

Upward Bound students, who meet the qualifications, automatically qualifies to receive the KSU UB Scholarship which provides half of the cost of tuition, standard housing and meals  per year at Kentucky State University. Upward Bound is funded through the Department of Education with a grant of $287,537.00

Our Motto

Positive affirmation and character development is essential to student success.  How others see you is reflected in how you see yourself! Each of our Upward Bound students must learn and recite the following motto's below:

I am somebody! I can do all things! F's become D's, D's become C's, C's become B's, B's become A's, and A's are the most awesome things ever! Respect is mandatory, not an option!



Location: Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building, Suite 519

Phone: (502) 597-5724