Participant Requirements

All Upward Bound students must attend tutoring sessions. Tutoring is mandatory. All students must attend tutoring at least one day per week. If a student has a D in any subject and/or has a grade point average below 2.5, he or she is required to attend tutoring twice per week.

Academic probation /Tutoring

Students will be required to attend UB tutoring or ESS provided by the school. If he/she chooses to receive tutoring from another program including ESS, proof of service must be given to UB staff by the end of the month.  During academic probation, UB students are required to communicate and work closely with the Program Coordinator and UB instructors in order to ensure his/her academic progress. Any student receiving tutoring must inform Upward Bound staff.

Meet with Director to determine membership status

Students who do not improve their grade point average after academic probation will meet with their parent(s) and Director of Upward Bound to determine the status of their membership with Upward Bound. One or more of the following action(s) may be taken:

  • Student may not attend educational, cultural, or social trips and/or activities.
  • Student may not receive his/her stipend.
  • Student may not participate with the summer residential program.
  • Student may be dismissed from the program and put on the waiting list.
  • Student may be dismissed from the program indefinitely.

Upward Bound staff reserves the right to determine the consequences of students who do not maintain the established grade point average of 2.5.

Dismissal from the program

The Upward Bound Director has the right to dismiss a UB student from the program for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Student does not meet the academic requirements.
  • Student is frequently absent from Saturday session and/or other UB activities.
  • Student does not improve grades after receiving academic probation and /or after meeting with the Director.
  • Student does not adhere to the Code of Conduct guidelines.