Adult Learning

The Adult Learning program at Kentucky State University supports and enhances the educational and developmental experiences of adult students. Innovative and quality services, programs, resources, and activities are offered in an effort to meet the need for integration or all aspects of the adult learner. Adult Learning also facilitates a sense of belonging and community for the adult learner through the Office of Distance Education. Adult Learner and nontraditional students are described by the following criteria:

  • 25 years of age or older or have a five-year gap since last enrollment in high school or college
  • Employed part-time or full-time
  • Are spouses, partners, parents, or care-takers
  • Are veterans or reservists of the US Armed Forces

The specific character and mission of Adult Learning is further delineated by the following general goals:

  • To encourage student enrollment, success and persistence by providing individualized services such as academic support, mentoring, tutoring, advising and advocacy.
  • To develop collaborative partnerships, on and off campus, that foster necessary and innovative programs, activities and services for the adult learner.

Revisit the Dream

You have always had the dream, to be a teacher or perhaps a nurse, to pursue a profession in which you can be respected for the person you are. The opportunity to help others, to pursue the chance to be a leader in business or technology. You’ve had to make tough choices and have adult responsibilities. Working at a job to support your family or working at home to take care of your family, sometimes having to do both.

Now it’s your turn, another chance for the dream. Maybe you want to trade in that blue collar for a white one. Maybe you want to trade the boardroom for the classroom.

Maybe you attended college a long time ago or already have a college degree. You may have “the job” but you want to learn more and go further. KSU has several master’s degree programs to help you finish what you started.

Maybe it’s time. We can help. You can apply, register and complete your degree.