Credit for Life

Credit for Life

As a student at Kentucky State University, you can be awarded credit for college-level learning gained through life experiences. KSU understands that learning occurs in many ways outside the classroom; adults learn in diverse ways and have accumulated knowledge along many different paths such as:

  • Employment
  • Volunteer activities
  • Travel
  • Civic activities
  • Military service
  • Hobbies
  • Private study
  • In-service training


Credit is awarded based on your ability to reflect and articulate college-level learning to faculty evaluators.

Undergraduate students can earn up to 30 credits toward a bachelor's degree or 15 hours toward an associate degree. Graduate students can earn up to nine hours of credit. Students submit a portfolio of a student information sheet, resume, a narrative outlining how the learning experiences relate to the course's student outcomes, and documentation to support prior learning.


What is a non-traditional student?

Non-traditional students are typically referred to as adult learners that do not fit the so-called traditional student model. These students are typically over the age 24, delayed enrollment into college from receiving a high school diploma or equivalency, employed full time, financially independent from parents, has dependents and/ or a spouse.

If you have questions, need assistance or support please contact our coordinator for the Center of Adult Learning:

Cathi Smith