Center for Adult Learning

At Kentucky State University, we understand the importance of our adult learners needing to have a balanced life. The complexities of being a non-traditional student can become challenging if they are not equipped with adequate resources. Whether choosing to continue their education to advance in the workforce, raising a family and setting out to finish a degree you have begun, and/or returning to school after several years because of a change in career paths. No matter the basis, we offer online degree programs and wrap around services to every adult learner to ensure they are accomplishing their academic goals.

Mission Statement:

In the Center for Adult Learning, our mission is to provide quality education, engage students with accessible services, and empower a community of adult learners who rise to become a community of leaders committed to excellence and achieving a better quality of life, by advancing their skills of literacy and employment opportunities.

Vision Statement:

The Kentucky State University Center for Adult Learners is committed to excellence while ensuring we provide each student with accessible services and a high-caliber education. We are committed to providing students with enrollment support and wrap-around services, to ensure their educational success. We seek to devote our services and support to creating leaders and change agents for our communities.

Project Graduate

Project Graduate is a statewide effort in Kentucky that was constructed to urge adults to complete degrees they may have started earlier in life. Kentucky State University has taken part in this initiative, and we offer individualized services and support to students.

  • Must be seeking an associate degree (first undergraduate degree), have 30 or more credit hours from regionally accredited colleges or universities, and be out of college for at least two (2) years.
  • Must be seeking first bachelor's degree, have 80 or more credit hours from regionally accredited colleges or universities, and be out of college for at least two (2) years, ..

Don’t qualify as a Project Graduate student? Not to worry! KSU’s Center for Adult Learners provides support to all adult learners. Go ahead and email or call us today at (502)-597-5080.