Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is charged with the responsibility for academic programming and planning to ensure students, faculty and staff have an essential learning environment to foster student-centered learning experiences. Academic Affairs supports educational goal attainment as articulated in the University's mission statement. The office supports faculty growth and development, scholarship and excellence in teaching. Academic Affairs further seeks to develop high quality academic programming, creating a variety of learning experiences and career pathway opportunities. Small classes and accessible faculty make Kentucky State University a great place to learn and grow. The University offers its students a wide variety of degree options.

At the heart of Kentucky State University's academic enterprise ecosystem-- is an inclusive community ardently committed to the promotion of excellence. We promote a resilient intellectual and creative environment built on preserving culturally responsive assessment and evaluation of academic programs as well as the formation of knowledge. We support the University’s Mission by advancing academic freedom, intellectual and creative discovery for students, faculty, and staff through transformative academic programs, curricular experiences, and professional development that broaden participation, disseminate knowledge, and positively impact communities within the Commonwealth and beyond including our lives as global citizens. 

Our academic community will be a historically black college and university model of scholarship and advocacy by fostering high-quality educational programming that combines the best qualities of liberal studies and the arts, integrates discovery-based research and innovative practices, and prepares our graduates for lifelong learning, successful careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

To achieve our mission, we pursue goals and activities within a framework of shared values that serve as a touchstone for our decision-making and form the foundation for culturally responsive evaluation, measurement, and assessment of our effectiveness in achieving our goals. 

We value: 

  • Academic Freedom and Tenure; 
  • Academic Excellence; 
  • Accountability for our actions and adherence to the highest ethical standards in all our professional obligations and personal responsibilities; 
  • Equitable Collaboration and Partnerships that adds Value to advance goal achievement and reinforce our mission; 
  • Faculty and Staff Development for continuous improvement; 
  • Evidence-based culturally responsive assessment and evaluation; 
  • Personal responsibility for assisted independent learning in an inclusive and safe learning environment; 
  • Recognition and reward for outstanding accomplishments; 
  • Effective use of technology to support integration of discovery-based research into the curriculum and to enhance the learning environment; 
  • Culturally Responsive strategies to ensure our stakeholders are accurately and visibly represented. 

At the cornerstone of our academic enterprise ecosystem is Transparency. We foster dialog and productive debate during data-informed decision-making within our office and the campus academic sector that is forthright, sets goals, builds trust, and embraces opportunities and challenges.

Academic Programs

College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources (Acting Dean Marcus Bernard)

College of Arts and Sciences (Acting Dean David Shabazz)

College of Business, Engineering, and Technology (CBET) (Acting Dean Chi Shen)

Graduate Studies (Acting Director Buddhi Gyawali)

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment (Director Dorothy Barfield)

First- and Second-Year Experience (Acting Coordinator Stashia Emanuel)