School of Nursing and Health Sciences


The mission of the School of Nursing is to promote the health and well-being of all people through committed excellence to high-quality nursing education in the preparation of diverse, well-rounded, clinically competent, responsible and caring nurses — who will become — integral members of the nursing profession, active contributors to the global health agenda and improvement of the human condition, effective managers and leaders for health care, and consumers of nursing research.


Lead advancements in health care and nursing that transform the health sciences landscape within Kentucky, the nation and the world through our innovative contributions to and sustained engagement in nursing education, practice, scholarship, and service.

Core Values

Caring, Integrity, Human Dignity, Autonomy, [acceptance] Diversity and Inclusion, Excellence, Altruism, Communication and Collaboration, [responsibility] Life-Long Learning, Student-Centered Learning – are critical to fostering a culture of excellence in nursing.


Every human being is a diverse, unique, dynamic, sentient, autonomous, multidimensional, and adaptive system with universal and distinctive needs, the capacity to adapt and self-care, and who requires nursing services. Health is a dynamic and relative continuum of experiences impacting one’s sense of well-being. Health is focused on all aspects of the multidimensional human across the life span. Advancing the practice and science of nursing positively influences the health of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations within the commonwealth, the nation and the world. The environment is the setting or context of everyday life. Dimensions of the environment include but are not limited to: relationships, beliefs, customs, political, economic, psychological and developmental aspects of ones’ world, they may be manipulated by the nurse to enhance health. Nursing is the informed and holistic caring of human beings through the creative use of knowledge and therapeutic intervention activities that enable the attainment of optimal levels of well-being in diverse nursing settings and contexts. Nursing education is a dynamic, student-centered process that when successfully implemented provides a nurturing environment that fosters cognitive, psychomotor and affective development; a deference for professional collegiality and life-long learning; and an understanding of the intractable importance that the nursing profession holds within our society.