All KSU students, faculty, and staff are provided with an email account.  The account will allow access to various computing resources. We strongly recommend use of this account when conducting university business because important messages from the University are often only sent by email.  Also, the IT department will use this address to keep users informed of application updates, warning, training and other technical information.


All student email accounts are created upon enrollment at KSU.

Email Address Information

  • Email address format: [First Name].[Last Name]
  • Initial password format: Please contact the IT Help Desk at (502) 597-7000 for the initial password.

Access Email

Students may access email via Outlook Web App by accessing Access may also be obtained by going to the KSU website and click email. Click here for instructions.

Forward Email

Students may forward his or her official email to another email address (i.e. @gmail, @yahoo). If a student forwards his or her account, they do so at his or her own risk. The University is not responsible for the management of emails forwarded to external email vendors.  Forwarding an email account does not absolve a student from the responsibilities associated with official communication sent to his or her account.

To forward email:

  1. Login to your KSU email account.
  2. Click on settings, i.e., the gear icon in the right hand corner of your screen
  3. Click on Mail under My app settings.
  4. Click on Forwarding in the Accounts section in the left hand panel of screen.
  5. Click Start Forwarding and then type your chosen destination email address in the field titled: Forward my email to:   i.e.,
  6. If you wish you may click on Keep a copy of forwarded messages to keep a copy in your KSU account.
  7. Click on Save at the top of the screen.
  8. Click the white cubed icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen to return to your inbox.

Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff email accounts are created when hired by the University, providing that they have been entered into the Banner system and assigned a KSU ID number.

Email Address Information

  • Email address format: [First Name].[Last Name]
  • Please contact the IT Help Desk at (502) 597-7000 for the initial password.

Access Email

Faculty and Staff may access email by using the Outlook desktop client on the PC or they can use the Outlook Web App by clicking and then going the KSU website and clicking email. Click here for instructions.