Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Kentucky State University (KSU) uses a multi-layered approach to securing the University’s technology environment. One process or technology is not adequate to address cybersecurity. ATP adds an additional layer of security protection to the Microsoft Office Suite of products. ATP will assist in protecting KSU users from malicious content providing better spam and malware protection for email, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and other Microsoft apps.

Additional features:

  • Mail Tips will appear at the top of emails in the form of a banner.  This feature will provide notification to you of external email accounts and other anti-phishing warnings. External emails will now have a banner that reads “CAUTION: This is an external email. Do not click on links, open attachments or reply, unless you recognize the sender’s email address and know the content is safe!”
  • Safe Links will evaluate in real-time the links in an email message and determine if it contains safe or harmful content. All links that are evaluated by Safe Links will be replaced by a longer URL that that begins with’, . If the link is safe, you will be sent to the original Web address when you click on it. If the link is not safe, you will be sent a warning message indicating the website you are trying to visit is harmful.

ATP Screen

  • Safe Attachments will evaluate email attachments and determine if it contains safe or harmful content. If the attachment is safe, it will be delivered to you along with the original email messaged. If the attachment is determined to be harmful, the email message and the attachment will blocked and not be delivered.

Please note: Safe attachment does not evaluate attachments in real-time as a result, this security process may cause very minimal delay in the delivery of email messages that contain attachments. This minimal delay is typically not noticeable. If the attachment is being scanned for protection, you will see an image similar to below:

ATP attachments

  • Junk email has a new process to help improve junk email filters.

Additionally, some messages may be identified as spam and go directly to your “Junk Email” box. Check your Junk Email box if you are not receiving emails that you think you should and set rules for emails you actually want to receive that are not spam.  Emails placed in the junk mailbox will be held for 30 days then deleted.

  • Quarantined email captures spam messages before they can arrive your junk email folder. As these messages are caught, you be will emailed a report that indicates that there are spam messages in quarantine for you to review, delete, or release. To go directly to the quarantined email, go to

Please note: Always be Cybersecurity aware. Although ATP adds an extra layer of security, it is still possible for unsafe content to by-pass established safeguards.

It is always a practice to never click on anything you are not sure about. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you are uncertain about how to respond to an email.