Phone Forwarding

Phone forwarding can only be set up on-campus (connected to KSU Network) or by IT.

  1. Open UC Client Desktop
    UC Client Desktop Icon

  2. Click the gear icon in the top, right corner of the UC Client window to open Preferences.
    UC Client - Preferences

  3. In the Preferences window, click the Forwarding icon (i.e., right arrow) and then click the button at the bottom labeled Create a new forwarding profile.
    UC Client - New Forwarding Profile

  4. You will see that a new Forwarding profile has been created. Click Modify on this new profile. 
    UC Client - Modify

  5. Click the New Destination button to open the destination box.
    UC Client - New Destination

  6. If forwarding to another KSU extension, enter the four-digit extension number or click the search icon to search for a specific user or number. The Name field will be auto-filled once a number has been entered or selected from search.

    For outside numbers, enter the number in the following format: (555)5554444, and type the name in the name Field (e.g., Cell).
    UC Client - Destination

  7. Select the number of rings before forwarding or choose immediate.
    UC Client - Forwarding Selection

  8. Check the Continue to offer the call box and click OK to save and close.
    UC Client - Ciontinue

  9. Click Save to save the destination for the forwarding profile.
    UC Client - Forwarding Save

  10. Click the name of the profile to open the name field and type in your desired name (e.g., Cell Phone).
    UC Client - Renaming

  11. Click drop down that says Disabled and select Scheduled to enable the forwarding profile.
    UC Client - Scheduled Status