Computer Replacement Policy

Purpose and Policy

To ensure that computing resources are up-to-date and continue to fulfill our operational needs, KSU’s computer replacement strategy is to replace desktops every 5 years and laptops every 4 years as funding allows.

Additional goals for this strategy include:

  • Ensuring full time faculty and staff have access to a computer with sufficient capability to support basic computing needs in fulfillment of their work responsibilities and the university’s operational needs
  • Ensuring that appropriate computing resources are available in university labs
  • Establishing a centralized budget which provides basic computing resources for university employees and student labs
  • Implementing minimum standards for computing resources on campus to increase the supportability of the university’s installed base of equipment
  • Streamlining the specification, acquisition, deployment and support of new equipment and re-deployment or disposal of old equipment

Hardware Standards

To maintain a reliable and efficient computing environment for all users of the KSU network, Information Technology has developed standards for hardware.  The purpose of these standards are to:

  • Optimize the support levels that IT provides
  • Manage the cost of purchasing, replacing and support of technology at KSU
  • Improve service by the use of automatic deployment of software
  • Ensure that there is network compatibility for security and upgrades

Due to the standards, only certain models of computers issued to Faculty and Staff from supported manufacturers are supported.  Many computer models are not designed for networked business needs and are more suitable for home or gaming use. The following computer models are fully supported by IT:


Dell OptiPlex Models 7010 and above.


Dell Latitude E7440 series laptops and above.

NOTE: All university computers must meet the university’s hardware standards at the time they are purchased, if not the purchase request will be denied.

End of Life – Hardware

Desktop hardware that can no longer run supported operating systems are not supported.

End of Life – Software

Operating systems below Windows 10 are not supported.

Multiple Computers

Please note: KSU full-time faculty and staff will be given one computer (laptop or desktop) for work usage. If more than one device is needed, it will require the written approval from the department director or unit lead and it will depend upon available budget.

When an Employee Leaves the University

Computers are the property of the university. If a faculty or staff member leaves the university, the computer assigned to them must be returned to IT or Human Resources on before the last day of employment. IT will reset, update the inventory, and reassign the device if the position is to be replaced by another person.

Exceptions to this policy require Vice President and CIO approval.