Work-Study Assignment Process

  1. STUDENT - Determine that Federal Work-Study appears as an award on the Financial Aid Award Letter. Please check your student self-service, WIRED, account.
  2. STUDENT - Print the required checklist and forms.  Make sure to print the correct packet of forms! There are two: one for “new” students who have not participated in FWS in the past 12 months and a different one for students who have worked in the past 12 months.
  3. STUDENT - Review the Job Listings and contact the supervisor listed to arrange an interview for potential employment.  Once you have found a job and have all of the required documents on the checklist completed, the entire packet of forms must be returned to the Financial Aid Office immediately.
  4. FINANCIAL AID OFFICE - Within 3 business days after receiving the required documents, the Financial Aid Office will send to the supervisor, via campus mail, a Work-Study Authorization Form which will list the number of hours awarded to work for each semester, the rate of pay, and the provisions of the work study program.
  5. SUPERVISOR &  STUDENT - Each will sign and date the Work-Study Authorization form and keep the appropriate copy for their records. The department timekeeper must also sign this form.
  6. SUPERVISOR - Return ALL PARTS of the FWS Authorization-to-Work form to the Financial Aid Office either via campus mail or in person. Due to the importance of these documents, the student should not be given these forms to return.
  7. SUPERVISOR - Once the FWS Authorization-to-Work form has been returned to the Financial Aid Office, the FWS Supervisor will be notified of the date the student may begin to work.  Students who start work without following the above guidelines will not be paid by the Federal Work-Study program, and the Department will be responsible for paying the student for hours worked.