Consumer Information Guide

This publication pertains to all students attending Kentucky State University

You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the information contained in this publication. The following list contains essential student responsibilities:

  • Monitoring your mail and your official KSU email account for correspondence, particularly from the Student Financial Aid Office, Bursar’s Office, Registrar’s Office, and Office of Admissions
  • Responding to our requests for additional information
  • Accessing your WIRED account at when notified by the Student Financial Aid Office and on a regular basis
  • Monitoring your Financial Aid and Student Account (bill) on your WIRED account

Please notify the Student Financial Aid Office of the following:

  • All estimated and actual financial assistance from both university and non-university sources
  • Errors on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Changes in your financial situation since filing the FAFSA and unique circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA
  • If you have defaulted, filed bankruptcy, or filed for disability discharge on a federal student loan, or you are in the process of filing bankruptcy on an educational loan
  • If you have been awarded or disbursed federal or state aid at an institution other than Kentucky State University
  • If you attend less than full-time

Consumer Information Guide-17-18