Aid Disbursement

Fall & Spring Aid Disbursement

Initial financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment. After student class attendance is verified by the faculty during the first two weeks of each term, the Registrar will update student registrations to establish the official enrollment for Kentucky State University. The Financial Aid Office will revise and adjust financial aid awards as required and notify the Bursar and federal student loan recipients on the amount of financial aid students are authorized to receive. Disbursed financial aid that exceeds your balance owed to the university is considered residual funds.  Federal Student Loan borrowers have a fourteen (14) day window to decline loans that generate residual funds. (Note: Some financial aid awards are restricted to payment of specific charges only and are not refundable.) Some financial aid programs (such as KEES and CAP) have later disbursement dates.  First-time Freshmen Direct Loan borrowers have a mandatory 30day delay on the first disbursement of Direct Loans.

Financial Aid from most federal and state aid programs is based on a student’s enrollment as of census date each semester. Census date is the last day to drop at 100% tuition credit.  After the published census date, aid adjustments are made for the term. Students can contact the Financial Aid Office for unusual circumstances that causes a late add, such as course administratively dropped for low enrollment, etc. To ensure proper posting of your financial aid award(s), please be sure you are registered for the correct number of hours as of the census date.