Aid Disbursement

What does "Disbursement" mean? A Disbursement is when financial aid awards are released to pay toward the student's balance with the institution. This can only happen once a student completes all requirements for the Financial Aid process (i.e., accepting awards in WIRED account, Entrance Counseling, Master Promissory Note, etc.)

What is a refund? A refund is the excess money left over from your financial aid awards after your tuition and additional fees have been paid. Fo more information regarding refund preferences can be found

Financial Aid and Confirming Attendance

Students are initially offered financial aid awards based on full-time enrollment. Within the first two weeks of each term, faculty will confirm attendance and the Registrar will update student registrations to establish the official enrollment for Kentucky State University. The Office of Financial Aid will then adjust Financial Aid to match official enrollment prior to aid being disbursed and will notify the Bursar with the amount of financial aid students are authorized to receive.

The Financial Aid office cannot guarantee the arrival or disbursement of funds. The information regarding disbursement procedures and timelines listed below represent the earliest that funds can be applied to student's account in the Bursar's Office.

Aid Disbursement and Refunds

Disbursed financial aid awards that exceeds a balance owed to the university is considered excess funds. Federal Student Loan borrowers have a fourteen (14) day window to decline loans that generate excess funds. (Note: Some financial aid awards are restricted to the payment of specific charges only and are not refundable.) Not all Financial Aid programs have the same disbursement dates. For example, state aid programs (KEES and CAP) have a later disbursement date due to the manual process of reporting official enrollment statuses to KHEAA. Also, first-time freshmen Direct Student Loan borrowers have a mandatory 30day delay on the first disbursement of Direct Student Loans.

Census Date

Federal and State financial aid programs are based on enrollment state as of census date each semester. Kentucky State University's Census Date is the last day in the semester that a student can drop a course and receive a 100% tuition credit. After the published census date, financial aid adjustments are made based on the student's enrollment status. To ensure proper posting of financial aid award(s), students must ensure they are registered for the correct number of hours as of the census date.