Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is a federal government requirement which obligates the financial aid office to evaluates the progress of all students receiving government and State aid. You can view the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy here. All SAP information is reviewed and voted on by a committee. The SAP decision is final unless a student omits vital circumstances that directly affect the student’s ability to study.

The following forms are required upon submitting the SAP papers for review:

  • Letter to SAP appeals committee – Students must submit a typed letter to the appeals committee detailing any and all extraordinary circumstances which may have adversely affected academic performance. The letter should outline any changes made that will lead the student to academic success.
  • Degree Audit – All students who have attempted 30 credit hours or more (in college courses) must submit a degree audit with their SAP packet. A degree audit is a summary of a student’s academic career and outlines remaining courses necessary to complete a degree. Students must acquire this document through their Advisor, who must provide their signature. All SAP appeal decision are final unless something vital prevented the student from completing their application.
  • SAP Appeal Form
  • Any supporting documents that explain relevant circumstances

Important Dates:

  • Summer Semester 2023 SAP Appeal Deadline: May 19th
  • Fall Semester 2023 SAP Appeal Deadline: July 21st
  • Spring Semester 2024 SAP Appeal Deadline: January 3rd