Federal Work Study Program Information

Funds received from the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) are earned by working a part-time job. Receiving this award depends on when you apply for aid, your level of financial need, and availability of funding. If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, you will be given the opportunity to seek employment on the university’s campus.  Hopefully you will be able to secure a job related to your vocational goals, previous work experience, or special skills.  At KSU, your pay rate will be based on your grade classification. Recipients must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines, be enrolled at least half-time and be a degree-seeking student to be eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Your work-study award amount listed on your award notification is the maximum you may earn during the academic year.  This is not a guarantee that you will earn this amount, but rather it is a reasonable estimate of what you should be able to earn.

At the beginning of each year, work study positions are posted on the college work study website- which provides job descriptions, positions available, and contact information in order for students to obtain their job assignment.

If for some reason you are denied employment by three or more departments and/or have difficulties finding a job, please contact the Financial Aid office.

Federal Work-Study Community Service

The Department of Education requires that a minimum of 7% of the funds provided for Federal Work-Study be used for Community Service programs. Based on current funding, approximately 23 placements fulfill this requirement.

Kentucky State University has identified several programs on campus including, Jumpstart (a literacy program), Educational Outreach, The Blazer Library, and the Disability Resource Center which meet the federal guidelines for community service programs.

The Student Financial Aid Office reviews the funding available for this program during each fall and spring semester. Sometimes additional funds become available due to cancellations by students who were initially awarded. If you were not initially awarded Federal Work-Study, contact us concerning your eligibility and the availability of funds. Summer FWS awards are subject to availability of funding.

In order to complete the FWS employment process, please make sure you are awarded Federal Work-Study for the  academic year and/or summer term.  Students are not allowed to begin their work-study hours without a completed FWS Employment Packet and a finalized FWS Authorization-To-Work Form.