Provisions of the Federal Work-Study Program

Please read the following information carefully:

  • Student agrees not to begin working until the Work Study Authorization form is completed, and returned to the Financial Aid office for final processing. After which, the Supervisor will be notified of the date student can begin his/her work study assignment.
  • The Student and Supervisor agree to prepare and report time worked in ADP on the due date for each pay period worked.  All time logged in and out by students, on the Office Log Time Sheet, must be initialed by the supervisor or timekeeper. This time must be calculated each pay period. Student time worked must be reported at the end of each pay period, or the student will not be paid until the following pay period. 
  • In order for a student to retain his/her Work-Study position, students must work a minimum of 10 hours per week, but no more than 20 hours per week. Students may not work during their scheduled class hours.
  • The student understands that Federal Work-Study is a job and agrees to perform all work requested by the Supervisor.  Student agrees to notify the Supervisor if unable to report to work for any reason.
  • The Student understands that he/she will only be paid for hours worked.  If the Work-Study hours are not completed during the academic year, they will be forfeited. Work-Study hours do not carry over to the next academic year.
  • Student and Supervisor agree that if Work-Study hours are exceeded during the semester, he/she will not be paid for exceeded hours by the Federal Work-Study program. The Supervisor understands if a student works hours and earnings exceed the annual maximum federal work study award, the overage will by paid through their departmental budget. 
  • The Supervisor agrees if a student is allowed to work for a department, before completing the required FWS documents, the responsibility to pay the student lies with that department.
  • The Student understands that only ONE job, which is paid on an hourly wage basis by the university, is allowed on campus.
  • The Student agrees to consult his/her supervisor with any complaints or problems that he/she may have, and will not sever employment without consulting the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office.
  • The student understands that he/she may not transfer to another work site without approval from the Work-Study Coordinator and completion of the FWS transfer process.
  • The Student agrees to complete and submit all forms in order to participate in the Federal Work Study program. Forms may include: Agreement to Hire, Application of Employment, W-4 Tax withholding form, I-9 Employment Eligibility (with copies of required identification), Work-Study Authorization-to-Work  form, Background check application, and the Direct Deposit form (Direct Deposit is recommended for all students) with Human Resources.
  • The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to cancel this agreement, if for any reason funds are not available to support this program. In the event this occurs the student and supervisor will be notified as soon as possible prior to cancellation.