If you are selected for verification

All applicants selected for verification through the computer edits used by the US Department of Education’s central processor are verified by this institution. In addition to applicants selected by the system, this institution will verify any non-selected applicant, when the institution becomes aware of conflicting information.

When the institution becomes aware that an applicant has been selected for verification, requests for documents are made via paper letter notification. The student may also view this request, any other required information, and print forms by logging into WIRED and going to “Student Requirements” under the “Financial Aid” heading.

The letter indicated the student must respond within 30 days of the letter. After 30 days of initial notification, a final follow- up request is made if the applicant has not responded or submitted documents.

Letters requesting information will contain a clear explanation of the documents needed to satisfy the verification requirements. The applicant’s responsibilities in regard to the completion of verification will be clearly stated in the request letter.

Upon completion of verification, the institution will notify the selected applicant of any award changes through (1) a Verification Status letter (2) an amended award letter (if already awarded) and (3) a corrected Student Aid Report Acknowledgement which has been reprocessed through the Department of Education’s Central Processor. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid for explanation of corrections and amended awards.

The institution will correct inaccurate data and calculate a new EFC (Expected Family Contribution) through the Federal Methodology formula. If corrections are necessary, they will be made electronically through Kentucky State University’s Financial Aid Office and the Department of Education’s Central Processor. The corrected Student Aid Acknowledgement will then be sent to the student by the central processor in order to notify them of any change.