Small Farm Development (continued)

Picture of Dr. Andries feeding a herd of goats in a field

School of Ag, 4-H Youth Development
Small Scale Farm Program Grants Third Thursday Thing

Animal Health

Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension’s animal health program conducts site visits with sheep and goat producers to review and discuss management practices and to offer guidance to producers. Extension visits and consultations are available for livestock producers of small ruminants as well as cattle producers, including advice on preventative care, management, current recommendations and any additional educational questions producers may have. Education on health topics is available for workshops around the state, educational meetings for livestock, at small farms, and for youth programs.

Jerusha Lay, D.V.M.
Assistant Professor and Animal Health Specialist
(502) 597-6672

Livestock Nutrition Program

FRANKFORT, Ky., -- KSU Benson Research and Demonstration Farm sunrise photos of Farm Technician Mike Rankin feeding cattle, goat husbandry and general feature photography of the farm, Friday, Oct. 13, 2017 at the Benson Research Farm in FRANKFORT.

The Kentucky State University livestock nutrition Extension program focuses on increasing the profitability of forage-based beef production systems. The program aims to expand educational experiences of limited-resource and beginning farmers by disseminating research-based information on best management practices in beef cattle nutrition, implementation of optimal supplementation strategies for cow-calf production, and increasing the understanding of the relationship of forage quality, cattle nutrition and health. We achieve these goals through a combination of tools including field days, Extension education fact sheets and bulletins, and presentations at beef cattle producers’ monthly workshops.

Picture of Ibukun Ogunade

Ibukun Mike Ogunade, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
Livestock Nutrition
(502) 597-5877