Environmental Science Capacity-Building Grant

School of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment Grant Initiatives
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Hands holding a tree representing Environmental ScienceThe overall objective of this program is to enhance and strengthen the environmental science curriculum by providing a wider scope of environmental science courses and experiential learning opportunities for students.

  • Program Overview
  • Curriculum Review & Development: The curriculum committee of KSU’s College of Agriculture, Community and the Sciences has held a series of discussions about strengthening the Agriculture, Food and Environment (AFE) program and curricula.
  • Summer Bridge Program: One goal of the project is to attract high school students to KSU’s AFE undergraduate program. A major part of this particular initiative is the new “Summer Bridge” program.
  • Facilities & LaboratoriesKentucky State University (KSU) has made a long-term, ongoing investment in facilities and land to support education and research efforts to meet the needs of students.
  • Student Scholars: A goal of the environmental education program is to promote experiential learning, especially among a small group of “student scholars.”
  • Student Recruitment & Advising: A primary focus of this project is to attract more students to the field of environmental science through very intentional recruitment, retention and summer-bridge programs. The project will work closely with both the private sector and with agricultural and science teachers and counselors in high schools across Kentucky.
  • Resources & Progress Reports: The major result of this project will be a strengthened Agriculture, Food and Environment undergraduate program with an enhanced and science-based Environmental Science Option curricula and experiential learning activities.
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