Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Picture of the front of the Farm Building

The College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources, in Kentucky State University’s Land Grant Program offers a baccalaureate degree program in Agriculture with four individual Options in Agricultural Systems, Nutritional Science and Food Systems, Environmental Systems, and Aquaculture Systems to allow training of graduates in these growth areas in the U.S. economy.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, students from diverse backgrounds will develop a broad understanding of relationships between agricultural and aquaculture systems, food safety, and the environment.

Options include:

  • Agricultural Systems: Students will be prepared for careers in the agriculture and natural sciences industries, developing skills in economics and marketing, soil science, entomology, organic agriculture, agriculture and energy, ornamental plants, and urban agriculture.
  • Nutritional Science and Food Systems: Students will be prepared for jobs facing important nutrition and wellness issues that society faces and will continue to manage as global food challenges rise.
  • Environmental Systems: Students will understand our dependence and impacts on the natural world and how to ensure a sustainable future for us all.
  • Aquaculture Systems: Students will be trained in the rearing of aquatic organisms under controlled or semi-controlled conditions preparing them to become successful aqua- culture researchers and producers.
  • Agriculture Business: Students will be trained in various aspects of business and management necessary for success in any agriculture-related business.
  • Agriculture Communications: Students will combine agriculture, journalism and public relations to become well-rounded professionals for careers in writing, advertising, public relations, web content management, photography, social media and video production, particularly in the agriculture industry.

Feeding the Future

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