Option in Agriculture Communications

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Bachelor of Science in AFE

Agriculture Communications combines courses in agriculture, journalism and public relations to develop well-rounded professionals for careers in writing, advertising, public relations, web content management, photography, social media and video production, particularly in the agriculture industry.

Today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven society requires accurate, timely communication between agricultural leaders and the public. Selecting the Agriculture Communications track under the B.S. in Agriculture, students will have the opportunity to study under experienced faculty in the fields of agriculture and journalism, and they will experience hands-on practicum learning with an award-winning media and communications staff with industry experience who are devoted to student success.

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AFE 117: Global Perspectives in Ag, Food, & Env.
AFE 215: Agribusiness Management
AFE 407: Agroforestry
AFE 425: Organic Agriculture
AFE 435: Urban Agriculture
JOU 204: Journalism I
JOU 305: Communication Law/Ethics
JOU 365: Adv. Public Affairs Reporting
JOU 370: Public Relations Campaigns
JOU 425: Comm Research Methods
MKT 320: Marketing Communications

$34K – $64K

Starting salary for Ag Communications graduates

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Potential Employers:    

• Agricultural business organizations
• Agriculture magazines/publications
• Newspapers
• Banks and financial institutions
• Government agencies
• Market research firms
• Nonprofit agencies
• Research centers and universities
• Retail food companies
• Farms

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an increase of


jobs in agriculture media and communications and related fields by 2026.

Practicum opportunities with an award-winning media team:

• A combined 80 years of experience in broadcast
• A combined 35 years in print media
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• 22 national media awards
• State-of-the-art facilities