Tips on How Faculty/Staff Should Handle Complaints

All complaints should be handled in the utmost positive, professional, and confidential manner. When an individual voices a concern of possible discrimination, listen carefully, and don’t respond defensively. Follow the tips below:

  1. Let the individual know that you take their concern seriously. Document what the individual tells you and repeat back what you heard to ensure that your documentation is accurate. All discrimination complaints received should be handled immediately. 


  2. Ask the individual concerned what they would like to see happen differently and inform them of their right to file a complaint. Inform the complainant that they may also file a written complaint with USDA and provide information on how to do this.

  3. If the individual wishes to file a formal complaint, provide them with the “Discrimination Complaint Form” (USDA Discrimination Complaint Form) and follow the steps below. 
  1. Inform the complainant that the complaint will be forwarded to your supervisor and/or appropriate office.
  2. Obtain the complainant’s contact information (name, email, telephone, and/or address) and let them know that someone will contact them regarding the complaint.
  3. Document your conversation with the complainant.
  4. Inform your supervisor and the Civil Rights Compliance Officer.
  5. Upon notification, you will be advised as to further action. Don’t attempt to investigate the complaint yourself.

Information about the complaint process with the USDA is included in the non-discrimination statement and the “And Justice for All” poster. You are responsible for posting the non-discrimination statements and to have complaint forms available in case of concerns.  

All discrimination complaints received should be handled immediately.  DON'T DEBATE A COMPLAINT.

Don't attempt to investigate the complaint yourself.



KSU complies with state and federal equal opportunity laws and all employees are held accountable for compliance. See KSU HR Manual. Employees who are subjected to discrimination have the right to report complaint to the office of human resources as outlined in the HR Manual.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.