Option in Nutritional Sciences & Food Systems

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Bachelor of Science in AFE

The Option in Nutritional Sciences and Food Systems is a degree track under the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources. Students will be prepared through hands-on learning opportunities with practical application in the food and nutrition, health sciences, and the agriculture and natural sciences industries. They will develop skills in nutrition science and food systems, ag economics and marketing, soil science, organic agriculture, and urban agriculture.

Adults and youth in Kentucky and across the country face obesity and health problems. Classes in this option prepare students for jobs facing important nutrition and wellness issues that society faces and will continue to manage as global food challenges rise. Graduates will find career opportunities in nutrition research, advocacy, food safety, and production and processing.

Agriculture is one of the top-employing fields in the U.S. Students in Kentucky State University’s College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources will take advantage of the newly-renovated and state-of-the-art Atwood Research Facility, a 300-acre research and demonstration farm, a 14-acre aquaculture research facility, and a 300-acre environmental education and research facility.

AFE 217: Plant Science
AFE 334: Soil Science
AFE 404: Nutrition and Metabolism
AFE 405: Research and Extension in Nutrition
AFE 416: Nutrition and Society
AFE 417: Modern Nutrition and Disease
AFE 425: Organic Agriculture
AFE 435: Urban Agriculture
AFE 455: Food Safety and Microbiology
AFE 465: Food Systems
FNU 104: Basic Nutrition


The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts


average annual job openings for graduates with bachelors degrees in areas including
food, agriculture & environment.

MEDIAN WAGE: $60,370

MEDIAN WAGE: $46,080

MEDIAN WAGE: $61,340


Potential Careers:


• Plant scientist
• Dietitian
• Fermentation scientist
• Flavor technologist
• Food production supervisor
• Food safety/ quality assurance manager
• Food technologist
• Packaging engineer
• Produce buyer
• Produce inspector
• Product development food scientist
• Farmer/grower

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