PLEASUREVILLE, Ky., -- Kentucky State University EERC feature photos of caterpillars, wildflowers and moving water, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 in the Environmental Education Resource Center in PLEASUREVILLE.

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Global ecological problems will be among the biggest challenges of the future. Ecological issues, which involve environmental degradation and resource depletion, are often the ultimate cause of economic and political upheaval. It is important to understand the processes and the principles of the environment to be able to deal with these issues. This type of understanding requires research on the problems themselves and on the basic science underlying the problems that the Master of Science in Environmental Studies will afford you.

The traditional farming and mining-based economy of Kentucky is changing rapidly. As the work force strives to find alternatives to tobacco farming for people who have depended on such practices for generations, higher education needs to consider not only current job opportunities in technology-oriented sectors but also future job market scenarios. Efficient use of current energy sources and exploration for alternative energy sources will constitute a major segment of the future job opportunities and challenges.

Scientists and professionals are needed who, after achieving a solid disciplinary education in science-related fields as undergraduates, have learned integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to deal with these problems. The KSU MES program is designed to cut across traditional academic disciplines and colleges and to provide sound and effective graduate education and research on these important environmental issues.