Small and Socially Disadvantaged Producers Grant (SSDPG)

The goal of the Small and Socially Disadvantaged Producers program is to increase participation of small and socially disadvantaged producers (SSDPs) in USDA programs and provide need-based technical assistance to them.

  • Program Overview
  • Program Area and Participants: This project will assist at least 150 small socially disadvantaged producers (SSDPs) from 41 rural counties from central, western, southern and eastern Kentucky.
  • Training and Resources: A key component of the SSDP program is the provision of various training modules to help participating SSDPs improve their skills and knowledge and become better able to sustain and improve their operations.
  • Outcomes and Progress: Over a 12-month period, the project will provide technical assistance and needs-based personal outreach services to at least 150 SSDPs from Kentucky’s 41 rural counties with higher proportions of SSDPs that are under-served by USDA programs.
  • Contact Us: Contact KSU’s project team.