Academic Support FAQs

We want to protect the health and safety of our entire campus community. We have learned that social distancing and self-quarantine are the best ways, known at this time, to prevent the spread of colds, flu, and COVID-19. 

Yes and no. During the week of March 16 to March 21, there will be no classes held. Faculty and staff will use this time to create online versions of their courses and also plan ways to effectively deliver course content online. At this time, there will be no changes to the course schedule, so students can expect final examinations and graduation to occur as posted on the current University calendar.

Yes, beginning March 23, 2020 classes (undergraduate, graduate, and DNP) will be delivered online using the Blackboard Learning Management System.  Many of you are already posting assignments, submitting papers and taking exams on Blackboard.  Through other Blackboard learning tools, you will now receive your classroom instruction as well.  Faculty members will post an announcement in Blackboard during the week of March 16 letting you know the time your classes will meet and providing you details on how to access the course online.

You should check your syllabuses, University email, and Blackboard announcement pages for any changes to your course schedule of assignments, readings or examinations as some changes might need to be made between March 23 and April 9 to provide the best learning experience possible.

Yes, it is a good idea to let your instructors know if you are on or off-campus. Since the University is open, faculty members may be accessing their on-campus offices and would be able to meet with you in a larger public space for consultation. Also, if you are having any issues with online learning, it is helpful to know how to best respond with local or remote instructions for addressing any issues.
You will continue to use each faculty member’s Kentucky State email address. Faculty will hold virtual office hours and will be as available and flexible as they are now in meeting your learning needs.
The Thorobred Learning Center will provide learning resource support to you if you are having trouble with learning online. The University subscribes to SmartThinking, available on your Blackboard launch page, which can assist you with learning tools and strategies. If you have trouble log-in in or maintaining a connection, please start by notifying your instructor and the IT Help Desk. 

Students who do not have internet access at home are encouraged to contact local providers in their area for free access. Some providers have pledged to help students without internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students enrolled in internships will need to work with their academic departments to determine the best way to meet the hours requirements. Students in Education programs, currently in the field, will have options through Franklin Independent School District to complete their hours. Please contact the Education Department for specific information.
Yes, midterm grades were due on March 16. Grades will be posted and should be received during the week of March 23. 
Yes, we will move preregistration to the week of April 13. Between now and April 9, the Thorobred Learning Center and your academic departments will provide advising through email and virtual group meetings. 
Pursuant to the guidance of our state and federal leaders, Kentucky State will continue to operate under restricted access. Classes will continue under remote, modified instruction for the remainder of the semester as approved by SACSCOC. Again, there will be no face-to-face instruction for the remainder of the spring 2020 academic semester.

Through our Handshake career portal, you can continue to learn about how to write effective resumes and cover letters and get advice through its resource library on how to prepare for a career. The Office of Career Services and Professional  Development professional staff will continue to answer emails and provide you with individualized support. They are also exploring how to offer training and networking events virtually with local employers and will post information to the campus community as these become available. 

The Blazer Library is fully equipped to address your learning needs through its ebook collections and access to online periodicals. 

Lectures planned by academic programs will be suspended along with other forms on in-person public programming. However, faculty members may be able to host virtual events with outside speakers by arrangement. This would be a course-specific activity and information would be provided by your instructor.

In an effort to ensure the protection of all of our students, the Thorobred Learning Center (TLC) is closed until March 23, 2020. If you have assignments or need assistance in the interim, the university does provide free online tutoring! The name of our online tutoring platform is Smartthinking.  Smarthinking gives students any time, anywhere access to academic help from experts, even when they can’t get to TLC. Smarthinking is linked in every Blackboard course room. We reference the link in the course room as “Live Tutoring.” All students have access to the services at no cost. With Smarthinking, you have 24×7 live, personalized tutoring in core subjects and expert guidance for improving students’ writing — from essays to resumes. Below you will find user instructions and videos to watch.

1. Log into Blackboard:

2. Select the course you need to connect with a tutor.

3. On the left side of the screen select the “Live Tutoring” link

4. If you do not see either link, select “Tools” and choose the Smarthinking link.

5. The Smarthinking homepage will load.

6. Now you are ready to connect with a tutor.

Videos to watch:

The tuition cost is the same, please see the 2019-20 Tuition and Fee Schedule.

For health-related questions, contact Betty White Health Center at (502) 597-6277.

For academic-related questions, students should contact their instructors, and faculty should contact their dean.

For general student-related questions, contact Dr. Pernella Deams at (502) 597-6283 or

For questions related to student organizations and other activities, contact Katianna Yates at (502) 597-6785 or

For staff questions, contact the Office of Human Resources at (502) 597-6667 or

For information technology questions, contact the IT Help Desk at

For campus facilities questions, contact Paul Cable at (502) 597-6429 or

For health, safety and environmental questions, contact Eric Robinson at (502) 597-6646 or

For student account questions, contact the Office of the Bursar at (502) 597-6278 or

For campus safety and security questions, contact Chief Barbara Hayes at (502) 597-6878 or

For questions related to novel coronavirus, email