Bid Opportunities

Below is a listing of current Requests for Proposals (RFP), Request for Bids (RFB) and Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Kentucky State University. To access a solicitation and any other related documents, click on the name of the Commodity/Service.  If you have questions about a specific solicitation, please contact the appropriate Buyer.

All solicitations are posted in Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF format.  You may download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.  If you have trouble accessing a file, please contact us via email or phone (502) 597-6994.

Potential bidders should revisit this website prior to the solicitation closing date to determine if an addendum has been issued and/or bid opening date has changed.


Document Number Commodity Description Buyer Status
RFB 22.002

Hydroponics Trailer

Karen Brown Closed
RFB 22.003

TMR Mixer

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.004

Audio Visual Services

Karen Brown Open
RFB 22.005

GeoSLAM Horizon

Karen Brown Closed
RFB 22.006

Hyperspectral Camera

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.002

Internal Audit Services

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.007

Athletic Training Services

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.005

Janitorial Services

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.008

External Audit Services

Karen Brown  Closed
RFP 22.009

Accounting Support Services

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.010

Compensation Survey and Plan

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.006

Insurance Broker Services

Karen Brown Closed 
RFP 22.011

Medical Benefits Broker Services

Karen Brown Closed
RFP 22.012

Online Program Management Services

Charles Holloway Open
RFP 23.01

Strategic Communication Services

Charles Holloway  Open 
RFP 23.02

School of Education

Charles Holloway Open
RFP 23.03

Curriculum Development Services

Charles Holloway Open



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