Personal Service Contracts

A Personal Service Contract is an agreement whereby an individual, firm, partnership, or corporation is to perform certain services requiring professional skill or professional judgment for a specified period of time at an agreed upon price. The contract is for a specialized service not available through a routine service provider.  If projected costs are not firm, the contract may be established on a "NOT TO EXCEED" basis.

POLICY: It is the policy of Kentucky State University to establish personal service contracts for professional services in accordance with the provisions of KRS 45A.690 to 45A.725. Examples of services that must be provided through personal service contract include but are not limited to consultants, doctors, employee search firms, nurses, lawyers, engineers and architects.

Pursuant to KRS 45A.690 to 45A.725, The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (LRC), Government Contract Review Committee (GCRC) reviews all Personal Service Contracts for:

  • Examine the stated need for the service
  • Examine whether the service could or should be performed by state personnel
  • Examine the amount and duration of the contract or agreement and
  • Examine the appropriateness of any exchange of resources or responsibilities

Payments: All invoices submitted by the contractor/vendor must be accompanied with a Legislative Research Commission, Government Contract Review Committee PSC Invoice Form. No payments against any personal service contract shall be made without the required form. The contractor/vendor must fill out the form, sign it, send it to the University administrator who will also need to review and then sign the form.

Commodities, equipment and non-professional services are not to be procured via a personal services contract.

Procedures to Establish a Personal Service Contract (PSC)

Personal Service Contracts (PSC) Training - Training is provided by the Purchasing Department regarding the personal service contract process. Register for training via email to 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 no in-person trainings are scheduled at this time. Virtual/On-line training is available using Zoom.  


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