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As part of Kentucky State University’s Land Grant Program, the Kentucky River Thorobred is a research and educational vessel offering water education voyages along the Kentucky River to learners of all backgrounds. Our education programs show how land use affects water quality and how organisms in the waterways are indicators of water quality. Using hands-on science education activities, learners test river water samples to see if their perceptions of the river are justified. Through our programs, we hope learners will gain a better perspective about their waterways and choose to actively participate in water resource stewardship to ensure their water is drinkable, fishable, and swimmable.

Current Programs Include:

Water Quality:

Become an active participant in learning about the water quality of the Kentucky River!  Many people have certain feelings about the Kentucky River and whether or not the river is safe for swimming, fishing, or other recreation.  This cruise uses investigative techniques to see if those feelings are justified and is great for learners from Grade 3 and up!

Kentucky River Go Fish!:

There are many different fish in the Kentucky River and it can be a challenge to identify them. This program gives passengers the opportunity to not only learn what fish are in the Kentucky River but how to identify them using a simple visual matching technique. This cruise is great for preschool to Grade 2 learners but all learners are welcome!

Community River Education:

Since Frankfort’s humble beginnings in 1786 to the present, there has been growth. By the end of the 1780s, there were only a couple of hundred people but now the population is over 25 thousand! Passengers learn how the area has developed and how water quality has been affected. This cruise is great for history buffs and learners of all ages!


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