Community Health and Wellness

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Community Health

The Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program recognizes that low-income and minority populations are overly affected by poor health outcomes. Therefore, our goal is to improve the overall health conditions of individuals, families and communities through initiatives promoting healthy changes. Social determinants of health show that where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age can impact their health. Some of our ongoing efforts currently focus on community violence (bullying, domestic violence, and gun violence); life-span related programming to include gang violence prevention; STEM activities and leadership development for youth; and breast cancer awareness and self-defense for seniors. Community health also supports various initiatives throughout the year to engage all ages in healthy activities and lifestyles choices through local events, festivals, camps, workshops and outreach.

Additional programs and initiatives are developed based on the need for Kentucky State University’s Land Grant Program to address its targeted populations. Research will allow for further exploration on: 1) how to address social determinants of health in communities of color to improve health conditions; 2) adverse childhood experiences and their impact on African-Americans; and 3) the early onset of chronic disease in African-American women.

LeChrista M. Finn, DrPH
Assistant Professor and Health Specialist
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