International Students

Kentucky State University has a program of residential study for international students that focuses upon the development of English Language skills and exposure to American culture. KSU particularly seeks students from East Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan)

For more information, contact the KSU BREDS Office at +1 (502) 597-6813.

Admissions for International Students

The University welcomes admission inquiries from international students. International students should have complete admission applications on file three months before the beginning of the term (summer/fall/spring semester) in which they intend to enroll.

The international student must follow the following procedures:

  • Submit Admissions Application v $100.00 (US Funds) Application fee made payable to Kentucky State University in the form of a money order
  • Verification of graduation from high school or secondary institution
  • Official High School Transcripts/Certificate in English with translation certified
  • Nigerian students must submit WASC
  • Official SAT/ACT or TOEFL scores TOEFL scores (must be 525 or above)
  • “Demonstration, vie Declaration of Certification of Finance, that sufficient funds are available to finance the planned course of study without causing undue hardship on the student”
  • A statement from the bank, lending agency or sponsor that stipulates the amount of money on reserve for tuition, fees and living accommodations to matriculate in a four-year undergraduate program in the United States
  • A transcript evaluation form (with determined G.P.A.) from an accredited transcript evaluation agency in the United States
  • Any credits transferred in must be from a regionally accredited US institution or an officially recognized degree granting international institution. In the case of transferring credit from an international institution, graduate students must submit official copies of evaluation and translation of the transcript must be sent directly by an accredited evaluation and translation agency to the office of the Graduate Studies at Kentucky State University.

All international students are required to submit a $3,500 deposit (in U.S.dollars) in order for the I-20 to be issued. This deposit is placed into the student’s account and is available to the student for educational expenses only (i.e., tuition, books, and fees).


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