Kentucky State University Forges Transfer Agreement Partnership with KCTCS

Kentucky State University Forges Transfer Agreement Partnership with KCTCS

Posted on October 30, 2023

Kentucky State University (KSU) announced a collaboration with the Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems (KCTCS). Officially signed on Thursday, October 26, 2023, the transfer agreement is poised to bring numerous benefits to students and the community, as well as to revolutionize the educational landscape in the Commonwealth.

A standing-room only crowd comprised of elected officials, members of the KSU Board of Regents, KSU staff, alumni, and students, KCTCS staff, community members, and media representatives were in attendance to witness the signing of the transfer agreement.

Dr. Koffi C. Akakpo, the 19th President of Kentucky State University, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. "This partnership is a testament of our commitment to providing quality education and workforce development opportunities for the people of Kentucky. It reflects our dedication to enhancing the future of our students and the prosperity of our citizens. Our vision for this innovative alliance is to bolster partnerships across the Commonwealth’s educational landscape and create a seamless transition for students seeking to transfer to KSU and attain their four-year degrees.”

These pathways ensure a smooth journey for community college students looking to complete their baccalaureate degrees.

“Part of our statutory mission is transfer,” says Interim KCTCS President, Dr. Larry Ferguson. “Roughly 50% of our students transfer on to a university such as KSU to extend their educational journey and complete their baccalaureate, master's, or doctoral degrees.” Ferguson continued, “we are very eager and pleased to be able to work even more in-depth with Dr. Akakpo and his team at Kentucky State University.” 

“The intentionality of partnerships like this are by design,” noted Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education President, Dr. Aaron Thompson. “This intentionality is in place to address the needs of Kentucky’s workforce and provide opportunities to our citizens.”

Key highlights of this partnership include enhancing educational access, streamlining transfers, offering industry-relevant curricula, providing scholarships and financial aid, offering comprehensive support services for students, impacting the community, and driving innovation and research.

This collaborative partnership will provide students with the following highlights:

  1. Enhanced Educational Access:Students gain access to a broader range of academic programs, empowering them to pursue their educational and career goals with more flexibility in fields of their choice.
  2. Streamlined Transition:Clear pathways facilitate a smooth transition for community college students aspiring to complete their baccalaureate degrees at KSU.
  3. Industry-Relevant Curriculum:Students will benefit from updated curricula that align with industry needs, preparing them for successful careers upon graduation.
  4. Scholarships and Financial Aid:The partnership will facilitate access to scholarships and financial aid resources, making higher education more attainable and more affordable.
  5. Comprehensive Support:Both institutions are committed to providing comprehensive support services, including academic advising and career guidance, to empower students to achieve their goals.
  6. Community Impact:The partnership strengthens the connection between academia and the community, fostering collaborative efforts to address local needs and promote economic growth.
  7. Innovation and Research:Together, KSU and KCTCS will drive innovation and research initiatives, benefiting not only students but also the broader academic and industrial landscape.

Dr. Akakpo announced the first eleven pathway transfer credit programs set go in full effect in time for the spring 2024 semester:

School of Agriculture, Communities and the Environment:

School of Criminal Justice and Political Science:

School of Education, Human Development and Consumer Science, nine programs are offered, including degrees in:

School of Nursing:

Additional pathway programs are in development. Please check back often or reach out to KSU’s BREDs (Building, Recruitment, Enrollment & Discovery Services) Office to discuss transfer credits outside of the pathways listed above.

Kentucky State University and the Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all and shaping the future of education in Kentucky.

For more information on transfer credits and pathways, please visit or contact the BREDs Office directly at 502-597-6813.