Kentucky State University Criminal Justice Scholars Excel in Internship Program

Kentucky State University Criminal Justice Scholars Excel in Internship Program

Kentucky State University (KSU) criminal justice scholars recently completed internships with criminal justice agencies as part of the required CJE 430 Criminal Justice Internship course.

As the semester nears the end, students were urged by Dr. Frederick Williams, Chair of KSU’s School of Criminal Justice and Government Relations, to reflect on their experiences. KSU Scholar Jonathan Adams Jr. shared, “During my internship, I've had the chance to obtain priceless practical experience. I've been given insight into a variety of sectors of the criminal justice system, working directly with seasoned experts.”

“Internships can be essential in creating employment opportunities for college students,” expressed Dr. Williams, “Far too often, college students graduate with no immediate options for gainful employment in their chosen field. Internships provide a potential remedy.”

Sixteen students gained hands-on experience during the Spring 2024 semester, enhancing practical skills, networking opportunities, and career readiness. These internships provide invaluable real world exposure, helping students apply classroom knowledge, build confidence, and prepare for future careers in criminal justice.

Erica Mckind, another KSU scholar, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “I have been interning with the Orlando Police Department in Florida and have met and networked with so many individuals. Sonya Robinson, the Volunteer Coordinator, has provided me with invaluable experience. I had the chance to observe their daily duties and experience firsthand the challenges and responsibilities of police work. I really enjoy being in this environment with Orlando Police Department and can see myself having a career here.”

CJE interns gained experience in various locations, including the KSU Police Department, Frankfort Police Department, United States Department of Homeland Security, Louisville Metro Police Department, Cumberland Police Department, Bardstown Probation and Parole, and the Orlando Police Department.