Hiring Project Personnel

When project personnel (including the PI/PD) are to be hired, the PI/PD must initiate the hiring request(s) using the following the established hiring procedures. Hiring Procedures Regular Employee

All requests to hire project funded personnel must be submitted and approved through Human Resources prior to the performance of the work. The Banner self-serve system documents the hiring process. Upon creation of an Electronic Payroll Action Form (EPAF), the PI/PD must include approvals established in the Banner business process documentation. Human Resource Services is the final approver of hiring decisions and extends all offers to work at the University. This process may take 5 to 10 business days to complete. The Office of Human Resource Services, not the PI/PD, must notify personnel that they are approved to begin working. Failure to follow this procedure places the University in non-compliance with federal and state regulations and at risk for potential liability.

Student Stipends:  Stipends are paid to students who are participants (in a learning capacity) in the project – not project staff. If students are to be employed as project staff on a funded project, an EPAF must be prepared and approved before the student can begin working. The Time Sheet must be approved by the PI/PD. Some grants provide tuition support for students. In this instance, the PI/PD must initiate the transfer of funds from the project budget to the student’s account with Grants Accounting staff.

Time and Effort Reporting: Persons who are paid fully or in-part from grant funds must certify the level of effort worked as follows:  Faculty/Staff/Students: at the end of each month.  These reports are due to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by the 15th of the following month.  The Certification of Personnel Activity form is used for this purpose; and when completed, is submitted to the ORSP. A copy of each completed certification is provided to Grants Accounting for its files.  Time And Effort Form