Class Attendance/Excused Absences – Short Term Military Obligations

Class Attendance/Excused Absences

Prompt and regular class attendance is the responsibility of all students. Students should be aware that excessive absenteeism, whether excused or unexcused, may affect their ability to earn a passing grade. If a student is absent from class for a University excused absence which includes short term military obligations, instructors are required to allow the student the opportunity to make up missed work in a fair and equitable manner without any reduction in the student’s final grade as a direct result of such action.

This policy does not supersede program accreditation requirements and as a result the program’s dean, department chair and or coordinator will determine the maximum number of absences in accordance with accreditation standards.

  1. University-Sponsored Activities
  2. Student/Family Illness/Death
  3. Military Obligations
  4. Jury Duty or Subpoena for Court Appearances
  5. Major Religious Holidays

Short-term Military Obligations

Short-term military obligations are those that require student absence for a period up to 30 consecutive days, and they are specific to the branch of service including but not limited to the following: Active Component (Active Duty – Title 10), Reserve Component (National Guard/Reserves – Title 32), and/or Military Science obligations incurred due to ones status as a scholarship and or contracted/participating cadet in the Kentucky State University/Wildcat Battalion Army (ROTC) Program or the University of Kentucky Air Force (ROTC) program.

(ROTC) students requesting a university excused absence, under this justification must initially coordinate their request through their respective ROTC (Army/Air Force) Department. Requests under this category must be forwarded to the appropriate Dean of the student’s College prior to the date of the absence if at all possible.

Military Service is an acceptable university excuse and the proper documentation from the specific branch of service must be verified. Requests under this category are submitted to the Director, Veterans and Military Student Affairs with final approval by the designated Vice President or designee prior to the date of the absence, if at all possible.

Process to Make-Up Missed Work

Regardless of the nature of the excused absence, the student is responsible for opening a line of communication with their instructors and completing all coursework according to the terms agreed upon between the instructor and the student.

It is the responsibility of the student to request an opportunity to complete missed work following an absence and this request should be made to the instructor no later than the next class session. Once the an excuse has been granted for the absence, all missed work must be completed within the time frame agreed upon between the student and the faculty member in order for the student to receive full credit.

Missed activities will be rescheduled or, in the event that rescheduling of an activity is not practical or possible, a fair and equitable alternative way of arriving at the overall grade must be developed by the instructor. If students are allowed to drop their lowest test score in a course, the instructor cannot require the student to use a missed exam as that “drop.”

Students must be afforded the opportunity to make-up missed work within a reasonable time period upon their return.

Punitive measures must not be taken against a student who presents military orders and or notification from a Commander or the Commander’s representative.


Students who feel that they have been unjustly penalized by an instructor's attendance policy or by the instructor refusing to accept an excuse may follow the academic grievance procedures.