University Orientation

UNV 101 (University Orientation) is a three-hour university orientation class.  UNV 102 (KSU Orientation) is a one-hour university orientation class. All conditionally admitted students and all students needing two or more developmental/preparatory classes are required to take UNV 101 or an approved, discipline specific orientation class.

Students who are fully admitted and not required to take UNV 101 will take the one-hour orientation class, UNV 102, or an approved, discipline-specific orientation class.

Students who have transferred more than 29 hours from another institution are exempted from taking any university orientation class.

Students enrolled in the honors core are required to take HON 103 in lieu of UNV 101 or 102.  Students enrolled in the music program are required to take MUS 103 in lieu of UNV 101 or UNV 102.