Policy on ACT and SAT Scores

All full-time degree-seeking students admitted with freshman status must submit official ACT or SAT scores.  If a student has been admitted to a degree program contingent upon receipt of the official test scores, the student must take the ACT to fulfill the requirement during the first semester of enrollment.

All non-degree students are encouraged to submit official ACT or SAT scores if there is any possibility of becoming degree-seeking.  Upon the completion of 24 semester credit hours in a non-degree status, a non-degree student is required to reconfirm his/her intention to not pursue a degree from Kentucky State University.  The student’s advisor will ensure that the student reconfirms his/her intention or takes the steps to become degree-seeking.  If such a student changes his/her mind after the accumulation of 24 semester credit hours in a nondegree status, he/she must take the ACT or SAT before converting, regardless of the number of semester credit hours earned.

All transfer applicants with fewer than 24 transferable semester credit hours must submit official ACT or SAT scores, either by those furnished directly to Kentucky State University by the American College Testing Program, by the College Board, or by inclusion in the transcript of the transfer application.