Public Child Welfare Certification Program

The Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) has been implemented by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and eleven university social work programs in order to better serve the children and families in this state. The PCWCP is integrated into the curriculum for qualified students interested in the child protective services field, and is designed to support the recruitment and retention of child welfare workers. These students are provided tuition assistance and a stipend each semester they are in the program.



  • Be a full time bachelors of social work major
  • An overall cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in social work courses
  • Receive no less than a “B” in the required PCWCP courses and field practicum
  • Have at least 3 semesters and not more than 4 semesters of undergraduate courses left to take
  • Have taken a social work practice course prior to taking the second of two PCWCP courses
  • A commitment to the work of public child welfare services


  • Your tuition will be paid in full up to four semesters
  • You will be given a $1300.00 per semester stipend to be used for your books, living expenses, and travel related to this program
  • Completion of this program certifies you as having successfully completed the Public Child Welfare Certification Program and qualified for employment with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Protection and Permanency Division


The student will be obligated, by legal contract, to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to seek and accept a position of employment within 2 months of certification and remain employed there two years.


Dr. Mindy Brooks-Eaves
Child Welfare Prep Coordinator
School of Social Work
College of Arts & Sciences
Office: Hathaway Hall, 409
Phone: (502) 597-6442