Social Work Field Instruction


During the Field Experience, students are placed in a social service agency for one academic year. The Field Experience provides the opportunity for them to develop the beginning professional skills that are required in Social Work practice. Field instruction contributes to the integration of theoretical knowledge acquired in social work classes, and to the development of generalist practice skills, which are necessary for social workers who work in a variety of roles to produce change in diverse systems.

Under faculty direction and with on-site supervision, Social Work students spend a minimum of 400 clock hours (200 hours each semester) in an agency as part of the signature pedagogy requirements. Students are exposed to the social service network, and they gain experience in the delivery of social work services. The mission of the program is to educate students in the foundations of generalist social work practice, and prepare them to practice entry-level social work with individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

The Kentucky State University Social Work Field Instruction course, along with all the other required Social Work courses, provides social worker students with a broad range of micro, mezzo, and macro practice opportunities with the purpose of developing social workers who are capable of performing numerous social work roles and moving readily from one field of practice to another. The field placement of a student in an agency is a broad based learning experience, and the agency supervisor is a key person in promoting the student’s development.  Please download a copy of this overview to use as a reference.


Dr. Angela Williams