Students in the Master of Arts in Special Education (LBD P-12) program must begin by gaining admission through the Office of Graduate Studies. Those students with interest in earning the Master of Arts in Special Education Degree are then screened for admission into the program by the School of Education Graduate Committee.

Courses in the program are aligned with the Kentucky Teacher Standards, Council for Exceptional Children Standards, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) Standards. In addition, courses have been aligned to ensure students complete all coursework critical to their success on the PRAXIS II examinations. Students must take and pass the PRAXIS II prior to enrolling in education courses. The courses are designed based on the student’s ability to document previous teaching experiences in accredited public schools as the teachers of record.

Upon completion of the Practicum / Student Teaching experience, the candidate will be recommended to the State of Kentucky for certification at the appropriate level.

In obtaining the Master of Arts in Special Education On-line Degree, we are committed to providing high quality service, advisement, and support to our students. We are committed to producing “Teachers as Liberators Through Education”.

Each student is assigned a qualified advisor, 24/7 technology support, on-line educational resources, availability of campus resources, customer service and high quality educational learning experiences.

A successful candidate needs to be proficient in the use of a computer. Assess personal readiness to succeed in an on-line instructional environment »