Educator Preparation Partnership Student Achievements

The School of Education and Human Development collaborates with partners to offer educational opportunities through which students from various cultures learn together in community and grow into culturally competent, highly skilled, professional leaders in a global society. The EPP prides itself on each program and student becoming a leader in the community, and developing into a change agent for others growth and success. The EPP enjoys sharing and uplifting each program or student's achievements for continued growth, towards becoming a globally recognized Education program for all.

  1. Student Teaching with a favored Teacher
  2. KSU's Youth Center Focus
  3. KSU and Franklin County Public Schools, "We are Better Together"

Kentucky State University and Whitney Young Honors Collegium

The School of Education, Human Development, and Consumer Sciences is partnered with the Honors Program at KSU. We offer high-achieving students a chance to dig deeper into their studies, as well a enjoy perks such as scholarships, research opportunities, internships, and much more. Our program strives to not only grow your knowledge while you are here, but also to increase your marketability after graduation.  Learn more about this partnership.