Admission Requirements - Master of Arts in Special Education

Students in the Master of Arts in Special Education (LBD P-12) program must begin by gaining admission through the Office of Graduate Studies. Those students with interest in earning the Master of Arts in Special Education Degree are then screened for admission into the program by the School of Education Graduate Committee.

Admission Requirements

Praxis I and GRE are no longer required for admission in the program

  1.  Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
  2.  Undergraduate grade point average (GPA): 2.75 or 3.00 in the last 30 hours of academic work
  3. Complete graduate application packet:
  4. A MASPE program applicant who wishes to transfer graduate course credit to KSU must provide all required documentation of the relevant course(s) upon application. A maximum of six graduate credit hours in the field of special education may be transferred from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution. The applicant must have earned a grade of B or above for a course to be accepted.