English Education

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Education Program intends that candidates become facile in multiple literacies so that their comprehension of the world around them transfers to the diverse classroom of learners. It is through our belief in the four cardinal components of our conceptual framework: knowledge, skills, dispositions, and diversity, that those acquired multiple literacies can best be integrated to liberate both the teacher and the student. Candidates study the English language, writing, literature in English translation, non-print media, speech, theater, and journalism, all reflecting a diverse, multicultural, technologically-centered world. Within course work in those disciplines and their learning experiences, candidates practice self-reflection and evaluation, collaboration, independent thinking, creative expression, continuous assessment, and integration of knowledge. Careful attention to developmental content and skills underpins the liberation nature of scaffolding the curriculum so that candidates can attach previous knowledge and skills to the new knowledge and sills, and acquire the competencies necessary to become “Liberators through Education.”