Small Farm Development

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School of Ag, 4-H Youth Development
Small Scale Farm Program Grants Third Thursday Thing

Kentucky State University Center for Sustainability of Farms and Families

Our Center for Sustainability of Farms and Families supports new economic opportunities for limited-resource farmers through demonstration projects and grants funded through support from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board and the state’s tobacco settlement funds. This granting program impacts the production and sales of Kentucky-grown farm products and offers funding for educational ventures. Over 1,100 grant proposals have been reviewed with 520 projects funded totaling $1.9 million to Kentucky producers. Additionally, a farmer education grant is offered to producers in Kentucky who want to learn more about a specific subject through workshops, conferences and/or printed materials. Applicants for education may receive up to $500 to pay for registration, lodging and, in some cases, travel. Kentucky State University’s Small-Scale Farm Grant gives priority to four specific areas (up to $5,000): food insecurity, organic agriculture, aquaculture, and value-added processing.

Joni Nelson, M.S.
Extension Specialist
(502) 597-6831

Apiculture Program

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Thomas C. Webster, Ph.D.
Professor and Extension Specialist
(502) 597-5682

Our apiculture Extension program is devoted to the success of Kentucky beekeepers and those who grow bee-pollinated crops. A mobile bee equipment autoclave travels to beekeepers across the state as a free service that sterilizes equipment in order to help eliminate diseases and pesticides from spreading to new colonies. Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension hosts the annual Bluegrass Bee School on its Frankfort campus every March, and we are present to respond to beekeepers’ problems at the Kelley Bee Field Day every June in Clarkson, Ky., and at meetings around the state.