Community Leadership Development

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School of Ag, 4-H Youth Development
Small Scale Farm Program Grants Third Thursday Thing

Our goal is to provide central Kentucky and surrounding communities with resources and educational leadership programs to develop and create an equipped labor-ready workforce, impact local community economics, and strengthen employer labor markets.

Youth Essential Skills Initiative (YES-I)

This leadership and skill development program equips high school and post-secondary education students with the essential skills and leadership experience required in the labor market. This is achieved by providing leadership mentoring and strengthening learning skills. Students are guided and tutored through topics such as team building, time management, effective communication and conflict management needed for today’s labor force.

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Gill Finley Jr., M.P.A.
State Specialist for Community Economic Development
(502) 229-9081 or (502) 597-6389

Kentucky Seasonal Awareness Team (KSAT)

Kentucky Seasonal Awareness Team is a group of community volunteers who partner with Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) to assist with building safety awareness and preparedness. This is done by providing guidance, tips and vital information revolving around the four seasons in Kentucky. We provide educational experiences and utilize local experts and specialists to safeguard citizens within our Commonwealth. We strive to equip participants with disaster preparedness information and resources from the EDEN, as well as from other sources.

Youth Emergency Preparedness (YEP)

Our Youth Emergency Preparedness (YEP) works with communities across the Commonwealth to develop and educate youth on emergency preparedness for natural and man-made disasters and other emergency situations. Youth are trained and equipped with emergency response skills for critical situations. We provide participants with professional and experiential knowledge of how to respond during different crisis situations in their communities including thunderstorms, active shootings, fire outbreaks and health emergencies.