Medicine or Dentistry

The Division offers attractive programs for students interested in entering medical or dental schools. To enter either of these professional schools the students must complete at least one year of biology with laboratory, one year of general chemistry with laboratory, one year of organic chemistry with laboratory, one year of physics with laboratory, one year of college mathematics or one semester of calculus, one year of English, and other courses that will help assure success, such as those in advanced communication skills, logic, or computer science, and psychology. In addition, pre-medicine students in particular are advised to take Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Statistics, Psychology, and Sociology. Content from these additional courses will appear on the entry exam for medical school (MCAT – Medical College Admission Test) starting in 2015.

Specific pre-medical courses include:

  • BIO 111   Principles of Biology
  • BIO 210   General Zoology
  • BIO 301   Human Anatomy
  • BIO 302   General Microbiology
  • BIO 303   Human Physiology
  • BIO 408   Cell Biology (highly recommended)
  • CHE 101/110   General Chemistry I/Lab
  • CHE 102/120   General Chemistry II/Lab
  • CHE 301/310   Organic Chemistry I/Lab
  • CHE 302/320   Organic Chemistry II/Lab
  • CHE 315    Biochemistry (highly recommended)
  • MAT 115   College Algebra
  • MAT 120   Precalculus
  • PSY 200    General Psychology (highly recommended)
  • SOC 203    Principles of Sociology (highly recommended)
  • SOC/POS/PSY 300   Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (highly recommended)
  • PHY 207   Physics in Biological Sciences I
  • PHY 208   Physics in Biological Sciences II

Pre-Health Professional academic advisors at Kentucky State University work closely with pre-medical and pre-dental students to ensure that they fulfill all of the requirements for admission to professional schools in a timely manner. Shadowing physicians, volunteer work and summer research work are highly valued for admission. Students will apply through a special website, AMCAS (American Medical College Admission Service) and/or AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service), one year before they desire admission. Students who need more information about these programs should consult the Chairperson of the Division of Mathematics and Sciences or the Pre-Health Professions advisors as early in their academic careers as possible.